What interests should I add on my dating platform to get more attention?

Date a Girl

Just like Facebook and other social media apps that let you connect to the world, meet strangers and carry along your conversation, a dating app, too, is one of the kinds. It is one of the most popular platforms to meet girls and find out if it’s working out between the two of you! In case it does, you are always up to go for a web cam chat, a date or may be take ahead the relationship. However, it’s important to ensure that you get real people and not just frauds, liars and rejections. 

Date a Girl

Just like any other social media platform, dating app is also a virtual media where you meet strangers until you get to know each other in real. Would you like to come across people who can’t stop faking? Definitely not! The same goes for here as well. When you don’t want people with masks, you shouldn’t be doing it either! A lot of people fake their interests on these apps to get more girls, but that’s not a trick. 

Be the real you, and people would love you for that! In today’s world, getting a genuine person is just like finding a diamond among the millions of pebbles on the shore. Isn’t it amazing when you get a partner to share common interests along with you? What more do you want? Be yourself, add a humor to yourself and love your flaws, people are sure to love you too!

Add interests that make sense

It is important to add interests that make sense. Don’t add things that are just not relevant. They pull down your impression in front of the other person. Hence, it is always better to add interests that are apt and sensible. 

You may add your interest towards famous personalities

You must have aspirations. Why not add your famous personalities? You can always add your favorite people as your interest. People will consequently admire you by having a look at your interests. Remember that your preferences talk a lot about you as a person. 

Add your interests wisely

Your interests define a lot about you. Pick your interests wisely, as they would talk volume about your preferences. Girls who come across your profile will check out your interests, and your impression on their mind is somewhat based on these interests. A girl who finds common interest with you is more likely to start talking to you. 

Pro tips to start a conversation

  • Get into that ice breaking moment

I agree it’s really tough to start pitching yourself to a stranger. You can’t help it, though! That’s how things get started. Prepare a few sentences that will not appear clingy, yet will persuade the person on the other side to respond. 

  • Start your conversation and be confident

It’s more like selling yourself to the other person. Be confident in your approach and hold on to the conversation. At the same time, make sure that you are giving her time to speak as well. Do not just keep blabbering out yourself. Make the lady talk as well.


People with similar interests usually share a greater bond. Be the kind of person you are, and start talking! Do not let that opportunity go out of your hands, take the full advantage of it instead! When you see girls with same interests as yours, start pitching her about it and pave your conversation wisely. Don’t be too clingy either! Make sure that you do not sound to be nagging. Just keep things classy yet decent! 

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By Valentina GRASSINI

Valentina is a single mother and a relationship advisor in many publications. She lives in Alfriston, East Sussex, happy with her 4 years old kid. She likes to explore things in her free time to overcome boredom.

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