How to feel good physically: 10 golden tips for living in harmony with your body!

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Having a peaceful relationship with your body is a fundamental detail to feel good physically and mentally and thus live a satisfying, rich, and harmonious life. However, this is not always an easy and immediate aspect. In fact, we are often unable to listen and appreciate our body, which leads us to be unsatisfied, unhappy, and not centered on ourselves.

Listening to each other and looking at each other with love and cooperation is by no means a foregone conclusion, but it is an essential step if you want to start having a healthy and virtuous relationship with your body and thus also benefit from it mentally and psychologically.

But then, how to feel good physically and live in harmony with your body? Here are 10 effective and simple tips to learn to love each other and have the most serene relationship with yourself and your body!

1. Eat well

Adequately nourish your body: it is an essential first step to feel good outside and inside. Choose a healthy and varied diet and try to precede it as much as possible into your daily diet. Escape the obsession with thinness at all costs or the nightmare of excess pounds, and choose to eat well to ensure the right nourishment for your body and keep you healthy. 

A healthy and varied diet will inevitably make you feel good about yourself: you will see yourself more beautiful and fit, and your mind will also get benefits. Moreover, it is not like only to eat! Remember to drink enough: water is another essential element to feel good physically.

2. Exercise, whatever you like!

Exercise is a real cure for the body and mind. So choose a physical activity to practice constantly, but be careful: choose the one you really like. Do not force yourself with sports that you do not fully enjoy, and that cost you effort, make your preference fall on sports that you love and that make you feel good. 


Remember: exercise is not only fatigue, but it must also be fun and passion. Even just walking in the countryside, surrounded by nature, can be a great way to play sports. 

In short, be sure to move sufficiently and consistently and allow your body to let off steam and recharge; in this case, it won’t be only your body that says thank you!

3. Do meditation


Give a gift to your body: meditate for at least 10 minutes every morning, or at any time of the day. Let your thoughts flow and concentrate on breathing. You can also start from these 4 simple exercises to approach mindfulness meditation and start this beneficial discipline, useful for living in harmony with your body and mind.

Adopt it as a daily habit, and in a short time, you will be able to see many benefits that will allow you to live your daily life with greater serenity and awareness.

4. Listen to your body

Learn to listen to what it “tells you.” Please pay attention to its often silent signals and anticipate it, without going to the limit. Our body speaks to us, just knowing how to listen. Pay attention to his reactions and the feelings he gives you. Give yourself breaks and moments of relaxation, recognize signs of stress, and try to intervene on time. Don’t put yourself to the test, but learn to work to make him happy.

Listen to your body

Try to implement the activities and habits as much as possible that you love and allow you to detach and regenerate yourself. Only in this way will you be able to guarantee complete serenity to your body, giving it the energies it needs to face daily life and everyday commitments.

5. Enhance your body

In addition to feeding yourself properly, listen to your body, and give a moment of rest. Choose clothes that best enhance your physicality and allow yourself to be beautiful! Focus on your strengths, and not always and only on flaws and imperfections; learn to emphasize your strengths and buy clothes that make you feel at ease, without giving too much importance to fashion diktats.

Enhance your body

Do you love loose-fitting clothes, empire-style clothes, or are you a real fan of trousers? Choose the clothing you love, the only rule: you must feel at ease and enjoy serenity and harmony from all pores!

6. Take care with moments of healthy relaxation!

As anticipated, granting healthy moments of relaxation to your body is a fundamental detail. Treat yourself to real pampering from time to time; in addition to relaxing, they will make you feel good and in harmony with your body. Relaxing showers with evocative perfumes and background music, DIY scrubs, inebriating creams, and velvety texture are all the beautiful moments you want to pamper the body properly, giving times of total relaxation. Even the mind will endure.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others!

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Look at your path, the steps you have taken, the goals you achieved, and those things comforting only with you. Only in this way, you will be satisfied and motivated to do better and better, avoiding negative feelings, envy, and frustration. Listen to yourself and be strong with your ideas and beliefs, without being influenced by what surrounds you, as far as possible. You are the only person whose judgment you need to fear.

Try not to be too strict with yourself, stay with the right eyes, and a pinch of love and complicity. It is the right rule to live in harmony with yourself, pushing yourself to do better and better.

8. Stay away from sources of stress or people who don’t give you peace of mind!

Try to stay away from stress or take action immediately when the first symptoms appear. In addition, make sure that you guarantee an environment as peaceful as possible and surrounded by virtuous relationships and people who stimulate you and make you feel at ease, allowing you to express your best. Avoid toxic people who make your environment heavy and your relationship with yourself difficult and uneven.

9. Look in the mirror and smile

Look in the mirror and smile

Start your days with a smile. Look in the mirror, and while you are washing your moisturizer, makeup, or straighten your hair, don’t forget to smile. It seems like a trivial and insignificant gesture, but it is the first gesture of love that you give to yourself in the day. Strive the first few times, and you will see that it will be more and more natural and immediate. Love towards oneself is cultivated and is simpler than one might think.

Try these simple exercises in the mirror and start loving yourself, starting from the relationship with your body. You will be surprised by the many benefits you will get from it.

10. Learn gratitude

Learn to say thank you. You will be amazed by the positive energies that will circulate thanks to this simple word. Learn gratitude and try to look more and more at positive things, forgetting about flaws and imperfections. By focusing on what you have, and avoiding reminding yourself of what you are missing, you will attract more and more beautiful things and make your life richer and fuller.

Start with a simple exercise: every night, before falling asleep, write at least three small things that happened on that day for which you are particularly grateful. Thanks and the universe will reward you, giving you what you want.

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By Rebecca KENNEDY

Rebecca is a single mother, relationship advisor, and blogger. She is a 27-year-old kitchen assistant who enjoys praying, listening to music, and extreme ironing. She is chubby and sexy, but can also be very lazy and a bit unstable.

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