Fridah, 42, from Durban, is online (she needs your contact details)

Fridah from Durban, South Africa, is looking for a man (must be 24+), preferably from an African country, who must have a long and robust bottom organ, who can perfectly give her fullest enjoyment in bed. She is so lonely as her husband left her almost a year ago.

Fridah, 42, from Durban, is online

Since her husband has cheated on her, she doesn’t want the same again. So, the guy must be loyal, trustworthy, and friendly to her; and listen to whatever she asks.

Fridah is a strong independent woman who earns handsome money with her business. She has everything in her life except a partner. She doesn’t have much time to change partners every subsequent year. Henceforth, she is looking for a very long-term relationship.

Fridah’s message: A tall and dark non-smoker guy who can satisfy me anytime (I don’t like someone who smokes near me). He must have primary education so that he can also help me in my business (sometimes). His body figure doesn’t matter, but he must have a long and strong lower organ to satisfy me to the fullest.

How to get connected to her?

For privacy purposes, we aren’t allowed to share her contact info directly on this site. But what we can do is to forward your contact details directly to her through the mail. This will help you to stay away from fraud dealers and scammers. Moreover, we already shared this page with her; she will keep checking the comment section below!

We have updated our connection method, and real privacy protection is now our watchword. To now get connected to sugar mummies on this site, do the following steps below:

  1. Use the comment form below to put your details (please put all the details, including your phone number, email ID, social profile link, and WhatsApp number).
  2. Do not forget to mention your age and city name.
  3. Pur your Instagram ID (if possible) in the comment section. She wants to see your photos too.
  4. Save this page in the bookmark and share it on social media (important).
  5. Keep checking your mail daily in the evening time.

If you are lucky enough, she will contact you through mail or any other way she finds comfortable.  

Good luck!

Please do not make payment to anyone, or you will get scammed. This site is entirely free to provide the pieces of information and contacts.

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By Rebecca KENNEDY

Rebecca is a single mother, relationship advisor, and blogger. She is a 27-year-old kitchen assistant who enjoys praying, listening to music, and extreme ironing. She is chubby and sexy, but can also be very lazy and a bit unstable.

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Hit me up on the mail, and we’ll take it from there




0597348550 WhatsApp number


An engineer student,from Ghana
0597348550,my Whatsapp number


I need a sugar momma ️


That’s my WhatsApp
Mik.mola. This is my IG handie

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