About us

About us

Thank you for being here with us, and we are with you. We are a group of women who write our life experiences and share them with you because we also want you to be a nice woman! We want Sugar Mummy Pro to be much more than a digital magazine about women; we want a lot of useful information to come to you for your daily life.


If our articles make you feel recognized and an excellent blog for information on the internet, we will be happy to do this for you.

editorial team

The editorial staff of SugarMummyPro.com has a team of passionate bloggers, who share a great love for lifestyle, health, and information about the Sugar Mummies from various parts of the world. Each editor has deepened their knowledge through studies, courses, and specializations on various topics to ensure that readers get authoritative and quality information. All the articles on our site are easy and pleasant to read. Our editorial lineup reflects the team’s values: always on the side of women, we believe in women empowerment at all ages. We fight discrimination of all kinds and carefully select contents, trying to respond to readers’ needs without ever betraying our principles.


The Team

People behind SMP



Rebecca is a single mother, relationship advisor, and blogger. She is a 27-year-old kitchen assistant who enjoys praying, listening to music, and extreme ironing. She is a bit chubby and pretty, but can also be very lazy and a bit unstable. Read more!


Head of Platform

Natasha is currently single. Her most recent romance was with an IT technician called Nico Percy Walsh, who was the same age as her. They broke up because she was too focussed on blogging to have time for Nico.

Valentina GRASSINI

Valentina GRASSINI

Senior Editor

Valentina is a single mother and a relationship advisor in many publications. She lives in Alfriston, East Sussex, happy with my 4 years old kid. She likes to explore things in my free time to overcome boredom.


Project Manager

Selly GHERARDI is a long-time marketer and project manager with years of experience in blogging and online spaces. Since 2014, she worked remotely with some of the most notable publications in these industries, specializing in Mobile Apps and blogs.

Katherine MANN

Senior Editor

Katherine is addicted to video games, something her friend Zane Miguel Mason pointed out when she was 15. The problem intensified in 2005. In 2014, she lost her job as a semi-professional sportsperson as a result of her addiction.


Project Manager

Saeed Ashif is a marketing expert from Bangalore, an engineer by profession and a digital marketer by choice. Since 2010, he has a keen interest in how emerging technology can help the world become a more just, equitable, and kind place.


Ads Manager

Md is an IT graduate, managing multiple niche blogs from the past three years. He loves to explore the trending things to enhance his knowledge – currently working as an Advertisement manager on SugarMummyPro.

Valentina GRASSINI

Adeline BRAY


Adeline Rees is a 29-year-old Belgian who enjoys tennis, finger painting, and finding fake news on Facebook for the fact check. She is loveable and inspiring, but can also be very sadistic and a bit rude. Currently, she is working as a content moderator on SugarMummyPro.

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