Why do Men rush into a relationship?

Boy and Girl

I often see my male friends hovering into a relationship just as if the world is supposed to end tomorrow and he has nothing to do other than wooing his lady love! At times, it seems as if there’s a race going on, and he has got to reach the target by any means. This is true even when men want to switch from one relationship to another. They are just as quick to fall in love as to get out of it. 

Boy and Girl

Here are a few reasons that men probably feel like, while jumping into a relationship:

Men see women as a trophy

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Yeah, that’s true! I agree that there are exceptions as well, but not too many men fall into that list. Men see women as a trophy that he had got to win, by hook or by crook. Think about the beginning of a relationship, men will make ends meet to hear that “Yes” from his girl, but that’s something which they fail to retain for a really long time. As the relationship goes on, they tend to go crazy over every little thing and carry out silly things for no reason just to annoy you all throughout the day. However, there’s just a few who maintain their bond over the years. 

It’s a competition to the men

It’s a game and that’s what men think of a relationship. Psychology say that men are too quick in making decisions, never mind even if they have to regret for it later on! Women, on the other hand, may take time but will stick to it once they have finalized it. Men don’t take much time to switch either! Research say that men, once being sure of what they want, which probably they think that are sure of but they are actually not, tend to lock it down as quickly as possible. 


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Definitely, psychology has got a lot to do with your flow in a relationship. Men often get quick in proposing and love making, out of possessiveness. They think that once they have locked down the choice, no one else should be seeing it the next! It’s the worm in their brain that tickles every now and then. They don’t want their women to catch up with someone else, and that leads them to decide things too fast! Probably, he would ask you to come on a webcam chat right after your first date with him! 

Lack of patience

Men often remain in a hurry to fetch the result. They fail to understand the fact that things happen as per their own clocks. There are times when you may need to dedicate time, so as to make sure that things fall in their places. Rushing into a relationship doesn’t make any sense if you aren’t even aware of the person as a whole. Men, in this context, are too impatient! Take time, go across different popular dating platforms, talk to each other, see if you have got similarities, understand each other’s perception, and only then should you decide!

Bottom line

Although it’s easier said than done, it is important to understand that building a relationship takes time! Adolescence bonding is not that easy! Two people from different backgrounds and mindsets need to talk and meet with each other quite often to know each other even better. Last but not the least, it’s all in the ‘stars’. All you need is to ‘Be Yourself’ and start caring for your partner; let her feel that she is ‘damn special’ to you!

By Valentina GRASSINI

Valentina is a single mother and a relationship advisor in many publications. She lives in Alfriston, East Sussex, happy with her 4 years old kid. She likes to explore things in her free time to overcome boredom.

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